Muhammad Abd al-Salam resigned from the presidency of the clearing club, and Huwaidi escalated


Major General Mohamed Abdel Salam submitted his resignation from the presidency of the Misr El-Maqasa Club, for health reasons.

The clearing board sought to dissuade Abd al-Salam from the decision to resign, but the council was forced to accept the resignation after Major General Muhammad Abd al-Salam adhered to it due to the health conditions he is going through.

AndThe clearing board decided Major General Muhammad Abd al-Salam was granted the honorary presidency of the club for life, in addition to holding a huge honoring ceremony worthy of his name and history, attended by all clearing players and coaches over the generations, to be the best honor worthy of the historical president who had the real renaissance of clearing.

The clearing board of directors agreed to escalate MP Ahmed Abdel Rahman Howeidi, to take over the position of acting club president until complementary elections are held at the nearest general assembly.

Major General Bakri Selim, the executive director of the clearinghouse, confirmed that the board of directors initially refused to accept the resignation of Major General Muhammad Abd al-Salam unanimously, because he had a great history and had a starring role in making the renaissance and the name of the clearing club. its own health.

Selim indicated that the clearing board is currently in the process of arranging a huge honoring ceremony worthy of the name and history of Major General Abdul Salam, whose name will remain associated with the club as its honorary president for life.


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