Muhammad Ramadan provokes his fans after the “trick” of seizing his money: “Hafdel Thabet”



Mohamed Ramadan provokes his fans after

Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan – archive

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, provoked his fans again by promoting his new song “Thabt” via “Instagram”, after his recent crisis, during which he accused the Egyptian state of “reserving his money”.

The reservation came to the sum of 6 million pounds only from his money with the aim of implementing a court ruling, in order to compensate the family of the late pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, with the amount, after he caused his dismissal from his job, due to his entry into the cockpit on one of the flights led by the late pilot, where he linked Some between the song and the recent crisis caused by Ramadan.

In the context of the “Video” crisis, the reservation of his money, Parliamentarian Enas Abdel Halim issued a statement denouncing what Mohamed Ramadan did in the video, accusing him of “harming the Egyptian economy, affecting the shares of banks in the Egyptian Stock Exchange,” and that this “will negatively affect Egypt and its people.” And she demanded that he be held accountable for misusing social media, because he is not responsible for that, especially since “the artist must be responsible.”

For his part, the journalist, Amr Adib, also attacked the actions of Muhammad Ramadan, and confirmed that “this video offends Egypt and affects negatively,” and said that “Egypt does not need his money, and that it is indispensable, and that the money that was seized is the money of pilot Ashraf.” Abu Al-Yusr, and that he issues a wrong image about the Egyptians.

Nasser Hatem Cairo

Source: RT


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