Muhammad Youssef in an interview for the seventh day: Electricity befits Al-Ahly .. I will not work as an assistant to Musimani


He played in the center of the defense, and had many distinctive goals in the red shirt, most notably his goal against Zamalek in 1994, in the summit meeting, which the Red Genie won with three clean goals, and a goal against the contractors net through a powerful shot from outside the penalty area.

At the international level, one of the members of the battalion of the winning team of the African Nations Championship 98, and after entering the field of training, he followed the same approach and led Al-Ahly He is the technical director of the African Champions League title in 2013, and he also played the role of the savior of the red genie at any time he needed, as he took the position of temporary technical director more than once, Mohamed Youssef, the former Al-Ahly star, opens his heart in a special dialogue with “The Seventh Day” that came as follows. .

In the beginning, tell us about the experience of taking over the training of Al-Ahly Bank?

_ I do not want to talk about the experience, as it is like others, it has what it has and what it owes, but I closed this file completely and I do not want to talk about it again.

So we move on to the Al-Ahly club file.. and what do you think of the team’s level now

Al-Ahly is progressing at a very good pace at the present time, and it is illogical to judge the performance of a team in the atmosphere in which it played a match every three days.

What about the rotation policy to avoid the pressure of matches?

_ The large number of injuries is an obstacle to the South African, Pitso Musimani, to carry out the optimal rotation policy, when a player returns, in front of him, two others suffer injuries.

What explains the many Al-Ahly injuries, especially muscular?

_ Musimani must review with the load coach, because the players are at a high level of professionalism, and most of them are married and know their duties and what they stay away from, because injuries do not come except from the player’s shortcomings, staying up late and the like, or from excessive loads, so the physical loads must be reviewed, Especially since the physical composition of the Egyptian player is different from the South African player.

What do you think about the level of Hussein Al-Shahat?

_ Hussein is affected by the social media, and there is intense focus with the player as a result of the huge amount that was paid to contract with him, and the player announced more than once his strong love for the entity, which gave the fans the suggestion that Hussein Al-Shahat would be a “fighter” on the field, and conveyed a different image of the nature of his performance Because he is a keen and talented player and does not depend on the elemental strength.

But my personal judgment is on him, as his level is normal, and he may glow in one match, and his level drops in another, but the nature of Al-Ahly is that the player continues to shine for a much longer period than the relegation period.

Did Afsha succeed in compensating Abdullah Al-Saeed?

_ Muhammad Magdy Afsha writes history with Al-Ahly, and I am against a statement that Abdullah Al-Saeed is not an alternative, and the land of the red genie is fertile and gives birth to many stars, with evidence that Afsha was not at this level with Pyramids, except that his position in the Al-Ahly system made him glow.

What are the centers that Al-Ahly needs to strengthen?

_ From my point of view, Al-Ahly needs a “Sard Pack”, with the possibility of contracting a party player, especially since Al-Ahly includes 4 players in the parties at a high level, such as Hussein Al-Shahat, Taher Muhammad Taher, Junior Ajayi, or Mahmoud Kahraba.

Is Kahraba a player worthy of Al-Ahly?

_ Of course, electrification as capabilities and potentials, he is a very high player, but football is not only capabilities and capabilities, and does not like a partner, and we do not make an effort with the player because he has a high talent, and he needs psychological rehabilitation and treatment of a special character, in order to give you all his talent.

Kahraba needs someone to talk to him, direct him to the right path, and occupy myself a lot, because we fall short in this aspect, and Hassan Shehata succeeded in winning three African Nations titles with good psychological treatment with the players, and at the same time he showed the red eye to a player out of order like Ahmed Hossam Mido.

Kahraba is a committed player in the first place, but he needs advice, and reminded him of many examples that lost her talent due to lack of commitment, such as Saleh Jumaa, who was adored by Al-Ahly fans.

Do you prefer the departure of Marwan Mohsen from Al-Ahly?

_ Marwan Mohsen needs to restore confidence, especially in light of the public pressure that he is subjected to, and the player is on his side. in himself.”

From my point of view, Al-Ahly needs a striker of the quality of Marwan Mohsen, and if I form a team, I will not choose 3 attackers of the same shape, but I will choose a player who has speeds like Mohamed Sharif, and another player like Marwan who works as a “station” until I have several choices with the diversity of attackers.

And what about Walter Bwalya?

_ A very distinguished striker, and this was evident through his brilliance with El Gouna, but the way he presented him to the fans was a mistake, because he had to be given the opportunity to participate gradually in order to gain confidence first.

But from my point of view, Al-Ahly’s attack is “fine” and does not need strengthening, or the departure of any of its current players.

Your evaluation of Pitsu Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly

_ Musimani is a very distinguished coach, and he won with Sun Downs the African Championship and a League, then he took over the training of Al-Ahly and in a very short period of time, he played a very beautiful ball and participated in the Club World Cup and won the third place.

Did Al-Ahly lose his personality with Musimani?

_ Of course not, the team presented a beautiful ball in the first period in which he assumed leadership, and whoever speaks that that period was a consequence of what Fyler presented is unjust, because Fyler at the end of his days with the red genie was completely out of focus, and we criticized him more than once because of that, and his condition deteriorated team before deciding to leave.

It is very natural that the coach has a match above and a match below, because he is like a player, and Musimani has very many positives that we cannot ignore and look for a loophole, and perfection is for God alone.

Do you agree to join Mosimane Associates?

_ No, this is a stage and it has ended, especially since I went through that experience before, and some accused me of agreeing to greed or in search of taking over the task of the first man later, and I serve Al-Ahly anywhere, but I must stay away from suspicions, and people are my artistic director. Some agree and others agree. It varies but this is my destiny.

Who is the closest to winning the league championship this season?

_ Al-Ahly is the closest, and in the event of a victory with its postponements, it will outperform the leaders Zamalek.


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