Musimani: I asked about the meaning of “the judge is possible”… and I am happy that I outdid the marriage


01:28 AM

Friday 04 June 2021

Books – Abdul Qadir Saeed:

Pitso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly Club, revealed his interest in the phrase “the judge is possible”, which the fans and his team players repeat, to ask about its meaning.

In his interview with Al-Ahly channel, Mossiani said: “I heard the judge’s word as possible, asked about it, and watched the goal in the African Champions League final.”

“I did not know the meaning of the sentence, but I knew that the commentator said it before we scored the goal, and he did it again by expecting the second goal in the African Super Cup, and this indicates that he is one of the best commentators,” Betsou added.

And about his superiority over Zamalek, Pitso said: “I faced them with Sundowns 4 times and we always won, and with Al-Ahly 3 times, we won the first two matches and the last ended in a draw.”

Musimani defeated Zamalek in 5 out of 7 matches, and only lost once without impact with Sundowns in the second leg of the 2016 Champions League final with a clean goal, to win the total of the two matches (3-1).

And Pitso concluded: “I hope that my superiority over Zamalek will always continue, and that I will never lose to them throughout my work at Al-Ahly Club, and of course this superiority makes me happy and I thank God for it.”


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