Mustafa Bakri sends a fiery message to Muhammad Ramadan: “A measure of shame is required” (video)


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The journalist, Mustafa Bakri, said that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, came out with a video today on his account on the Instagram website, in which he said that his money was seized in a famous bank.

He said, during the presentation of the “Facts and Secrets” program broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that the video is strange and said with normal coldness, especially that Muhammad Ramadan mentioned the word reservation, which is a false information.

He added that any investor who hears this hadith fears investing in Egypt, but what happened is a court ruling because of the deceased pilot, Abu Al-Yusr, and the state has nothing to do with it.

Bakri added that the pilot received a ruling of 6 million pounds in compensation, and died without receiving any penny, saying, “There must be a degree of shame and modesty.”


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