My role in “Newton’s Game” is a shift in my artistic career


Tunisian artist Aisha bin Ahmed managed to top the search engines in Egypt and the Arab countries after praising the characters she presented in two works during the Ramadan season, the first in Egypt through “Newton’s Game”, in which she confirmed her talent and was an important shift at the level of Egyptian drama, and the second in Tunisia entitled “Harga”, which the artist considers one of the distinguished works that she presented and met with great success.

On the other hand, many of the artist’s works are waiting for the show, including a movie she recently filmed entitled “Ritsa” in her first collaboration with director Ahmed Yousry and the great star Mahmoud Hamida, and during her interview with “Al” the Tunisian artist reveals many scenes about Those works and the mystery that surrounds them, and announces what is new to them.

How did your first collaboration with director Tamer Mohsen come?

– For a long time, I have been hoping to work with director Tamer Mohsen, and it was like one of my dreams. He is one of the best directors in the Arab world. I received a call from him and went to meet him in his office. I was almost overjoyed when he offered me a role in his series “Newton’s Game” and I agreed without Thinking Although the character of “Amina” is strange, contradictory and mysterious, but the actor always seeks to work with certain directors and is happy that the role is different, This is what I found in the script from the first reading.

What motivated you to participate in “Newton’s Game”?

– My participation in this series, I consider it an important step in my artistic career in Egypt, as it is a work of which I am proud, and I had the honor to work in it with a large selection of stars, and in my opinion it is an integrated work, as the script is wonderful, and my role is new and different from all the roles that I presented before, and in harmony with My choice of roles is not to be random, in addition to the fact that the director has a clear artistic vision for all the characters participating in the work, as all the artists participating in the work have important and pivotal personalities.

Aisha bin Ahmed

Aisha bin Ahmed

How did you prepare for the role? Did you rely on psychologists?

– Preparation was done through working sessions with the authors and director Tamer Mohsen, during which we talked about the character and its composition, and I did not think about hiring specialists for fear of losing focus on the meaning behind the scene, especially since there are many scenes that were born of the moment, and resorting to a doctor or a psychologist makes the performance far About the required spirit, from the beginning I thought about the character in all its details, from its form to its smallest details.

What difficulties did you encounter while introducing the character “Amina”?

– The great pressure that I was exposed to during filming, because of “Amina” because she is a character whose feelings are muffled. In normal, it is easy to show your clear feelings such as joy, sadness, distress, or others, but when the feelings are muffled or hidden such as “Amina” feelings, the task is more difficult in It was directed to the audience in the way that director Tamer Mohsen wanted. One of the most difficult scenes that I presented was the one that brought me together with the great artist Sayed Ragab, specifically the scene of the confrontation between Badr and Amina about her late health and the futility of treatment. I cried a lot while reading this scene.

When did you feel you got on the right path and managed the character?

With the filming and the sequence of scenes, relative reassurance occurs, as well as from following up on the reactions on the filming site. At first I was worried, but after two days, things changed and I felt “honest”.

How did you see working with the “Newton Game” team?

– Without any exaggeration, I see Mona Zaki as a very intelligent, successful and distinguished person in her acting performance, and everyone who works with her feels comfortable, and on a personal level, she is a creative and kind-hearted person. I also enjoyed working with Muhammad Mamdouh, Muhammad Farraj and Sayed Ragab, and it was behind the scenes of filming. Quiet, with an atmosphere of love and affection, and this reflected positively on the series, and I hope to work with them all again.

Aisha bin Ahmed

Aisha bin Ahmed

The Tunisian series “Al-Harqa” managed to achieve great success and you won prizes for your role?

– This work I presented after an absence of 8 years from participating in Tunisian dramas, and I feel a state of great happiness to participate in it, for this work was for me a new and great challenge, as it is, according to many critics, one of the most important Tunisian series in recent years, and it is a return for me. For Tunisian drama, and I was more happy and proud of Tunisians, whether for my role in the series “Al-Harqa” or what I presented through the role of “Amina” in the series “Newton’s Game”.

The series “Harqa” presented a number of important issues?

– Indeed, the series presents an artistic vision of social issues, dealing in its presentation of clandestine immigration from different premises than the prevailing contents and shedding light on the suffering of illegal immigrants from missing at sea and survivors in detention centers after their arrival in Italy, and the series was scheduled to be shown during Ramadan 2020 had it not been for the virus. “Corona”, so his presentation was postponed for this year, so that I would like to present two jobs in Egypt and Tunisia at the same time.

What is new for you in the coming period?

– I finished shooting the movie “Ritsa” alongside high-caliber actors such as Mahmoud Hemida, Ahmed El-Fishawy, Egyptian-British actor Amir El-Masry and Mayar El-Gheity. Director Ahmed Yousry, who returns to Egyptian cinema after an absence, is a talented director and has followed his previous works, and the author Moataz Fatiha is very familiar with Tunisian and Italian cinema, and who presented a wonderful script.

The film contains a beautiful and new idea for the Egyptian audience, during which I present two characters, each from a different era: Ritsa and Manuela, one of the sixties was born in Egypt, and the other came From Italy in the modern period to live in Egypt, and they are united by certain things, but they do not resemble each other. The first character speaks the Egyptian dialect, and the second speaks Arabic with great difficulty, and I consider the role a new challenge for me, in addition to that the film takes place in the sixties, and this is the first time that I present A work dating back to that period, and I’ve always wished for this.


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