Nabil Maaloul: Al-Ahly’s danger is in Afsha


Nabil Maaloul, the current coach of the Syrian national team and former coach of the Tunisian Esperance team, spoke about the upcoming confrontation between Al-Ahly and Esperance in the framework of the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

Maaloul said in statements on the “On Time Sports 2” screen in the early hours of Saturday morning: “It is impossible to say who is the strongest, whether it is Al-Ahly or Esperance. Trika and Wael Jumaa.

He continued, “Al-Ahly excelled in the 2012 final, despite the strength of Esperance at that time, and after the end of the first leg match in Alexandria, with a score of 1-1.”

And the former Esperance coach continued: “The strength of the next match between Al-Ahly and Esperance is in the middle of the field, but if you have to stop Al-Ahly’s danger, you have to stop Afsha.”

And he continued: “Al-Ahly’s danger is in a frenzy, especially since Pitso Musimani took over the leadership of Al-Ahly, and also the same thing in Muhammad Sharif, as for Esperance, its danger in the midfield is also through the presence of Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan and Abdel Raouf bin Ghaith.”

Nabil Maaloul spoke about the condition of the player Ali Maaloul before the next match with Esperance: “The Esperance match will require great physical effort, and I think that Ali Maaloul is not 100% ready.”

Al-Ahly’s technical staff is trying to have Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” in the next Esperance match after the injury he suffered in the African Super match against Nahdet Berkane.

It is scheduled to play Al-Ahly against Esperance on the 19th of this month at the “Hammadi Al-Aqrabi” stadium, while the return match will be held at the “Al-Ahly we are peace” stadium on the 26th of the same month.

Another file that Maaloul talked about is the future of Ferjani Sassi, the current Zamalek player, saying: “Ferjani Sassi has presented three seasons more than Aali with Zamalek, and whoever says that Sassi was popular when he was with Zamalek, Sassi was a player with Esperance, who always participates in the African Champions League competition. It is also the team that has won the league title 31 times.

He continued, “Sassi feels comfortable with Tariq Hamed, who is the best in Africa. Tariq Hamed is like a libero who cuts all the balls.”

And he concluded: “Farjani is like my son, if I were instead of him I would stay with Zamalek because of the fans love for him.”

Sassi had recently opened the door to speculation about his permanent departure from Zamalek, after the player did not reach an agreement on renewing his contract, which expires at the end of the current season.


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