Nader Shawky: Suleiman will not retire.. One of the two poles is interested in Aka.. and the fate of R


11:41 PM

Sunday 06 June 2021

Books – Egyptian editor:

Nader Shawky, the players’ agent, stated that Walid Suleiman has no idea of ​​retiring, and he also made it clear that Serge Akka, the El Gouna player, received the attention of one of the two poles, and also indicated that the fate of Ahmed Yasser Rayan is in the hands of Al-Ahly.

Shawky said in his statements to the “On Time Sports” satellite channel: “Walid Suleiman has no intention of retiring, because Walid is a player of great importance in Al-Ahly, and I do not think that he is thinking about this matter, and he did not talk about it, and his position is clear and frank, certainly continuing with Al-Ahly.” Next season, he wants to finish his career in Al-Ahly.”

He continued: “Ahmed Yasser Rayan continues with Ceramica until the end of the season, and we cannot say anything about his future because the matter is determined based on Al-Ahly’s need for him and his arrangement within the team, and this matter is a technical vision that is respected and implemented in Europe, and the best for all parties will be done.” .

He added: “Any striker in the world who plays a good period will certainly be interested in him, but there is still time and we have the Olympics in which he wishes to participate in it.

Regarding the future of Mohamed Hani, he said: “Every player wants to play professionally in the English Premier League, of course, and my return to work with him does not mean that he will move soon, but this is also related to Al-Ahly’s need for him.”

He continued, “Akram Tawfiq is also one of the players expected to participate in the Olympics, and this matter may be a reason for his transfer.”

And he continued, “There are no official offers from Al-Ahly and Zamalek to contract with Sergey Aka, but there is talk from one of them about the possibility of contracting him.”

And he added: “I am not the one who took over the management of Walter Bwalya’s transfer to Al-Ahly, but I insist that he is like Flavio and can succeed with the team and if he is patient with him, he will succeed because he appears in excellent training and what I saw from him has not appeared on the field yet.”

He concluded, “I advise Mustafa Muhammad to continue for another season in Galatasaray because 6 months is not enough, and I advise moving to a bigger step, whether France or the major leagues, but he will also give up financially because Turkey pays more money.”


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