Nancy Ajram thanks those who offered her condolences for her injury


The Lebanese star Nancy Ajram thanked everyone who consoled her and her family in the affliction of the death of her mother-in-law, the mother-in-law, Doctor Fadi Al-Hashem, Mrs. Jamal Badi’ Nohra, who passed away last Friday. And Nancy tweeted, through her official account on Twitter: “A big thank you to every friend and relative we mentioned and shared with us in this difficult time. Hopefully, the sadness does not knock on anyone’s door. The important thing is that faith remains great despite the pain of losing loved ones, and life continues if we are not like the sand of those we love.”

Al-Hashem’s family had buried the body of the late yesterday, Wednesday, and the family of the deceased was keen to abide by the precautionary measures imposed by the Corona pandemic, and announced, for the safety of the lovers, not to accept condolences directly, asking the mourners to join them in prayer from their homes.

The funeral of the deceased stated that the prayer for her soul was held in the Church of St. George, before her body was buried in the family cemetery in the Baddon area.

Last Friday, Ajram released the first song from her new band, Nancy 10, by releasing the clip for her new song, “Hobak Beqwa”, on her official YouTube channel, where it has gained more than two million views so far.

And “Your Love Strengthens” composed by Walid Saad, distributed by Hani Yaqoub, and the words of Khaled Taj Al-Din, and her words say: “Your love is stronger with the days. A time.. and my lover is strong in us too, in my heart he resides in all places.. you and me, Lina, my lover is a place, I live my life to satisfy you.. and in my arms night too. Stay, a little closer, your fear of me.. made me afraid, my love for you.


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