NASA plans to send two missions to Venus for the first time in decades


NASA announced that it plans to send two scientific missions to Venus between 2028 and 2030 for the first time in decades, and the agency said in a statement that it has chosen two new missions to Venus, the closest planet to Earth.

As part of the agency’s discovery program, the missions aim to study the planet’s atmosphere and geological history, the agency added.

It indicated that it will allocate about $500 million for each mission, pointing out that the two missions are expected to be launched between 2028 and 2030.

And a study from Yale University of America stated that asteroid collisions with Venus in the past transported quantities of planet materials to the surface of the moon, assuming that the atmosphere of Venus was thin at some point, similar to the atmosphere of the Earth.

Many scientists believe that Venus may have had an atmosphere similar to Earth 700 million years ago, after which the planet was exposed to the effect of global warming and developed its current climate. The atmosphere of Venus is so dense today that no rocks can escape after colliding with an asteroid or comet.


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