Nawal Al Zoghbi at It’s Show time


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In an exclusive interview on cbc, Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi will be a guest on the It’s Show time program, presented by media professionals Maha Al Saghir and Dina Howaidaq, next Monday.

During the meeting, “Al-Zoghbi” talks about her new album, the “mini album”, which includes 4 songs, as well as the scenes of filming the clip, and the details of her work during the coming period.

She also reveals the scenes of her resignation from the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon, after the Syndicate asked its members not to be exposed to political parties and currents, as she talks about the real reasons for this resignation, and the only case that might make her retract this decision and return to the Syndicate again.

It is noteworthy that its show time is a specialized artistic program that focuses on the entertainment industry in its various forms and forms, and all the matters surrounding it that attract the audience and push it to follow all forms of art.

It also monitors the new in cinema, television, theater and music, in addition to shedding light on the world of fashion and social networking sites.

The program is shown on cbc channel from Saturday to Tuesday at nine in the evening, and it is presented by Maha Al-Sagheer and Dina Howaidaq.


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