Nelly Karim will sing festivals.. She confirms: The important thing is to simplify and not separate me from the need for a “video”


The Seventh Day TV provided technical coverage in which it stated: The star Nelly Karim is experiencing a state of artistic activity in the current period, and she has finished filming her scenes in the movie “200 EGP”, and Nelly Karim is waiting for the resumption of filming the movie “Customer Zero” with the artist Akram Hosni.

The star, Nelly Karim, is heading, in the current period, to sing after her success in the song “Millionaire”, which she presented in her series “100 Wush”, and the song “Dola Dola” with the artillery.

Nelly Karim aroused the public’s interest in the past hours, after talking about her professionalism in singing, especially after her singing experience with the “gunners” team in the song “Millionaire”, and the last song that bore the name “Dola Dola”.

Nelly Karim said that the singing step she made last year, which began with her experience with the Gunners band in the song “Millionaire”, comes from her desire to go through this experience for fun.

She also made it clear that she was happy with this experience, and said that she does not rule out the idea of ​​professional singing, especially since many actors have recently turned to this type of singing, namely festivals.

She added that there are needs that she loves to do just because they are fun, and that she is happy with the experience, stressing: “You don’t care about what might happen after that.”

As for professional singing, she said: “Why not.. the stars who sing act.. and those who perform sing.. and this is true. We can all see and see it from a very, very long time throughout the history of Egyptian cinema and drama.”

It is worth noting that the beautiful actress Nelly Karim participated in the last Ramadan marathon in the series “Against Al Kasr”, in which she collaborated with a large group of stars, including the artist Mohamed Farraj, Liqa’ Al-Khamisi, Mustafa Darwish, Tara Imad and Hisham Ismail, and the work was written by Ahmed Hosni, Amr El-Dali, It is directed by Ahmed Khaled.


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