Neuer becomes the first German goalkeeper to make 100 appearances for his country


As usual, Manuel Neuer will not leave anything to chance before playing his 100th match with the German national football team, and is preparing with complete professionalism, which is normal for him.

Getting used to the new gloves is important, so Germany’s first-choice goalkeeper Neuer wore the goalkeeper gloves with the number 100 printed in gold on the Velcro closure during the team’s last training session.

Neuer is scheduled to become the first German goalkeeper to participate in 100 international matches tomorrow, Monday, in the friendly match against Latvia, which will be the last before participating with the German national team in the sixth major tournament, Euro 2020.

Neuer, 35, said: “I am proud to have reached the 100th match. It is something special as a goalkeeper to play so many matches with your country.”

Neuer can celebrate this occasion in front of a thousand spectators at the Dusseldorf stadium. No big party was planned before the start of the match, but Neuer will receive a medal of honor from the German Football Association.

The 2014 World Cup-winning goalkeeper was highly praised during the German national team’s training camp in Austria.

Mats Hummels said: “Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper I’ve seen. Manu defends situations differently than any other goalkeeper.”

Not only does Neuer shine on the goal line, but he has redefined the goalkeeping position and plays as a defender of sorts.

German Football Association director Oliver Bierhoff described Neuer as “the best goalkeeper in the world for years and he deserves it.”

Germany coach Joachim Loew said that Neuer had amazed everyone since his first appearance in 2009 in the match that the German team won over the UAE 7/2.

“From the first moment he was with us, I had the feeling that one day he would be one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world,” Loew added.

Loew not only appreciates Neuer as a goalkeeper, but praises him as the captain of the team, calling him “a man of values ​​and character”.

Neuer became the 16th German player to reach 100 matches with the national team, with Lothar Matthaus tops the list after participating in 150 international matches.

Neuer said that this number is very difficult to reach as a goalkeeper, unlike field players because they usually play the game completely.

He said, “As soon as you stand on the field for a minute, you have played an international match. As a goalkeeper, it is not easy to play many international matches.”

Neuer could have reached this mark in race time had it not been for an injury that kept him out for several months before the start of the 2018 World Cup, but he is proud to be the first goalkeeper in Germany’s long history, which includes many great goalkeepers such as Sepp Maier, Oliver Kahn and Tony Schumacher, to achieve this feat. .

While Loew will leave the German national team training after the end of the European Nations, and Hansi will take over the national team as his successor, Neuer will not stop playing for the German national team.

“I always have fun playing for the national team,” he said. “I also like to wear the shirt in the future when I’m in good shape, when my body says we’ll continue. I’m 35 but I feel ready. I don’t have any plans to end my international career.”


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