New hope for breast cancer patients..a “revolutionary treatment” is on the way


This treatment helps women after the completion of Chemotherapy, to reduce the risk of return hereditary breast cancer or spread widely.

The scientists said that the women who took the treatment during the experimental period of treatment decreased the risk of their cancer returning by 42 percent, and the risk of its spread decreased by 43 percent, according to what was published on the British ITV website.

The extensive experience was shared by a number of international partners, including the London Research Institute cancer.

The study, called “Olympia Experience“After a follow-up of two and a half years, 85 percent of the patients were free of cancer, and this group had received the “Olaparib” treatment, while another group received a placebo treatment, the percentage of cancer-free patients decreased by 77 percent.

Overall, this represents an overall reduction of up to 42 percent of the risk of return killer cancer.

And 87 percent of the patients receiving the “Olaparib” treatment were alive and recovered from the malignant disease that spreads in the body, compared to 80 percent of the women who received a placebo.

The new treatment “Olaparib” is an enzyme inhibitor that works to repair cancer cells, and the treatment has proven itself in advanced cancer cases.

Scientists say the treatment has proven successful in the first clinical trials.

The treatment takes advantage of the genetic weakness in cancer cells, in order to fight them and prevent them from re-emerging.

Professor of Oncology involved in the new treatment trial said: “Scientists have been able to come up with a treatment option that helps women fight early-stage breast cancer, especially those who have inherited mutations in their BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

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