Nicole Saba captures the breath with her appearance before her concert in Cairo, and Rania Youssef comments – with pictures


The Lebanese actress was kidnappedNicole Saba​ In pictures of her that she took before her party yesterday in Cairo, she showed off her elegant black dress, which was open at the chest, with a long opening to the top of the leg, and her wonderful slender figure.
Nicole appeared in the pictures, with her blonde hair falling on her shoulders, and she put on an attractive make-up that highlighted the beauty of her features, and commented on the pictures, saying: “From my party yesterday in Cairo,” and a large number of her followers interacted with her, the most important of which is the Egyptian actress.Raniya YousifWho expressed her new admiration for Nikol’s heroine and commented: “Wow.”
Nicole Saba ignited the atmosphere, with her concert in a hotel in Egypt, and sang many songs, including “Barahati”, “Toto Ni” and “I decided”, and she also sang “Yawad Ya Taqil” by the late Egyptian artist Souad Hosni, “The Cock Beden” by the Egyptian artist The late Sayed Darwish, “The Night of the Nights” by Mrs. Fairouz and “Bint Al Sultan” by the Egyptian artist Ahmed Adawiya.
A large number of audience interacted with Nicole, especially during her singing of the songs “Al Deek Biden” and “Yawad Ya Taqil”, and her rise to the stage witnessed many cheers and shouts of admiration.


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