No one was persuaded in the production and did not participate in any matches.. Al-Kamarji is looking to leave


The Tunisian Rafik El Kamerji, the military production striker, demanded his agent to search for an offer to leave the club in light of his lack of participation with production, as the Tunisian striker did not participate in any match with production since contracting with him during the last summer transfer period, and El Kamerji was unable to convince the technical devices that successively He trained in production, starting with Mokhtar Mokhtar before his departure, to Hamada Sedky and then Ahmed Koshary.

El Kamerji previously played for JS Kairouan and Ittihad Tataouine, after he left the ranks of Esperance on loan on more than one occasion, and the Tunisian player scored 6 goals last season with Ittihad Tataouine in the Tunisian League competition during 26 participation..

and occupies Military production Last place in the league table with 14 points, after playing 23 matches, winning 2 matches, drawing 8 matches, losing 13 matches, scoring 18 goals, and conceding 43 goals, and he still has two matches postponed..

Ahmed Koshary, Technical Director of Military Production, is keen to allocate offensive quotas in his team’s daily training to develop the attacking capabilities of the attackers during the period of the league’s suspension, and Koshary suffers from the absence of the leading striker in the ranks of Military Production, as the team only scored 18 goals in 23 league matches.

Ahmed Koshary, Technical Director of Military Production, held a meeting with his players, during which he talked about the difficulty of the next stage with the return of the league matches, stressing that it is the last chance to correct the team’s path.


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