Nourhan after being threatened by the producer of her series: “Not to neglect morals is a wealth that I will not waste.”


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Actress Nourhan commented on her crisis with the producer of her new series, which she was threatened with 3 days ago, noting that she will not enter into conflicts with a personality who does not rise to her intellectual and human level.

Nourhan said on her Facebook page: “Regarding the video spread in a part of the (the insider) program, I actually laughed hysterically and did not comment because the other party does not rise to the level of rivalry.”

And she added: “A little bit remains, I wish all people, all dealers, in all fields, to be ashamed of God, who is familiar with everything (and God is sufficient as a martyr), and to know that their words and actions are monitored by him (whatever he utters except that he has a strong sergeant). ) Whoever says the last thing I will write on this topic.”

And she continued: “I will suffice with this amount, and willingly end this farce, not as a weakness, but as an elevation of me and (ultimately strong) and I will not talk about those who offended me and my history, who knows far and near that he is honorable, respectable, whose title is preservation of assets, cooperation, and self-denial. ».

And she concluded: “Respect for the word and the covenant, and not to neglect (morals) for further rise, and whatever the temptations are, and this is also another wealth.

It is reported that the artist Nourhan revealed during the past days that she was threatened by the producer of her new series, and she said through a video, through her official page on the “Instagram” website, in which she reveals voice messages to the producer who notifies her of these matters, explaining that she respects the director of the work, Issam Shaaban, and considers him her teacher, and she did not No problems despite the threats I was exposed to.

And the producer of the work says in the audio message: “I am Mahrous Al-Masry, your money is there, but on the condition that you sign a declaration that you will continue filming the series and you will have 45 scenes, your contract is written that it is a series, if I sell my conscience, the author and director are signatories to a contract for a series of 30 episodes, and a director The filming was signed on 22 days, so the verdict will remain for the three of them.”

And she continued in another video: “Mahros Al-Masry confirmed that he will communicate with the artist Rania Youssef to film her role, which is impossible to agree, and that he will re-shoot the scenes at a cost of one million pounds, so that he owes the 3 pounds and a quarter of my wages, and the fourth threat is that the producer will announce the search for a similar Nourhan to perform photographing it.”

And the artist, Nourhan, revealed an audio recording of the producer via WhatsApp, trying to implicate her in filming 30 episodes, as the contract was for a series of 15 episodes only.


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