“O Children of the Dog.” Who did Maya Diab go to in Lebanon? – Norte newspaper


The Lebanese actress attacked Maya Diab The ruling class in Lebanon, following the deterioration of the economic and living conditions and the collapse of the national currency in front of US dollarAnd withholding it from the banks for its depositors.

And Diab tweeted, through her official account on the “Twitter” website: dogO group, who was rejected by death and rejected by Azrael because he was afraid of competition. What do you want next? And she added: “Oh, forbidden, my country. You have left nothing but the breath of a sick people, without medicine, without gasoline, without electricity, without water, without a hospital, without bread, without anything.”

It is noteworthy that Diab appears through a huge concert, in which she presents her most beautiful songs with a new and innovative artistic template, huge decorations and various looks, exclusively on the “Shahid VIP” application.

During the ceremony, Maya will also release her new song in the Egyptian dialect, entitled “Ahla Kalam”, written and composed by Mahmoud Khayami and distributed by Hadi Sharara, and will be released after the concert on all musical platforms.


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