Offer $3.5 million for a seat on a space flight with Jeff Bezos


A bidder offered $3.5 million for a seat on Blue Origin’s first crewed rocket flight on July 20, and the new bid is $700,000 more than the previous highest bid — part of an ongoing charity auction and coming just hours after the Blue Origin owner announced And Amazon founder Jeff Bezos that he will also participate in the trip with his brother, according to Digitartlends.

Bidding for the coveted seat began last month, with the current bidding phase ending on Thursday, June 10, and two days later a live online auction will be held where previous bidders will be able to compete for a place aboard the tried and tested New Shepard rocket from Blue Origin.

Blue Origin’s first crewed spaceflight is expected to mark the start of a full-fledged space tourism service where paying customers will be able to travel to the Karman Line – a location 62 miles above Earth that is generally considered the edge of space – for stunning views of our planet. . You will also be able to float inside the capsule during a brief period of weightlessness.

The capsule will return to Earth for a parachute-assisted landing in the desert The entire journey from launch to landing takes about 10 minutes Commercial service pricing has not been disclosed, despite previous announcements by Blue Origin indicating that a seat for future flights could cost around 250,000 dollars, which rival space tourism company Virgin Galactic is charging for its yet-to-be-launched service.

Jeff Bezos surprised the world last Monday when he announced via Instagram that he will take one of the seats aboard the capsule for a spaceflight on July 20.

“Since the age of five, I have dreamed of traveling to space,” Bezos wrote in an Instagram post revealing the news, “On July 20, I will be making this trip with my brother saying, “The greatest adventure with my best friend.”

In a video accompanying the post, Bezos, currently listed by Forbes as the world’s richest person, with a net worth of $177 billion, said seeing Earth from space “changes you”, adding: “It changes your relationship to this planet with humanity, it’s one Earth. I want to travel on this trip because it is something I have wanted to do all my life.


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