Officially.. Oman demands the removal of the referee of its match against Qatar


The Omani Football Association announced today, Tuesday, that it lodged an official protest with the International and Asian Federations for the game regarding the “deteriorating” refereeing performance in the match between the Omani and Qatari teams yesterday, Monday, in the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Nations Cup, demanding the removal of the match referee from the list of referees. internationals.

The Qatari team qualified for the 2023 Asian Nations Cup, to be held in China, after beating its Omani counterpart 1-0 yesterday evening in the seventh round of the fifth group matches in the qualifiers.

Hassan Al-Haydos scored the game’s only goal in the 40th minute, to raise the Qatari team’s tally to 22 points at the top of the standings, while Oman’s tally froze at 12 points in second place.

The fifth group includes Qatar, Oman, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, and its competitions are held in Qatar by the pool system to avoid travel restrictions imposed due to the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

The Omani Football Association announced its protest through an official statement posted on its account on the social networking site “Twitter” today, Tuesday, and the text of the statement stated: “The Oman Football Association submitted an official protest to the International and Asian Federations regarding the deteriorating arbitration performance in the official match that brought our first national team together. And the Qatari team on June 7, 2021 in the sister country of Qatar, in the double Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Nations finals. The referee was unsuccessful in managing the match, so he neglected to achieve the desired justice on the field, and made arbitrary errors that negatively affected the conduct and outcome of the important meeting.

The Federation added: “The Omani Football Association included its protest against several requests, the first of which is to remove the referee from the list of international referees, and to take different procedures and mechanisms in assigning such matches to referees according to the efficiency standard, and to reconsider the formation of the competent committees to assign and appoint arbitration teams in the AFC The Oman Football Association will follow up the protest closely so that the efforts of its players and their legitimate ambitions are not squandered in vain.”

He continued, “The Omani Football Association commends the performance and spirit of its players during the meeting and confirms that its hopes of qualifying for advanced stages of these qualifiers still remain and that Al-Ahmar is able to win the remaining matches and move forward towards what satisfies the aspirations and aspirations of its fans. The Omani Football Association extends its thanks And appreciation to the loyal fans who energized their players and raised their morale, which had a good impact on the outstanding performance of the national team, hoping from God for success and payment.”


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