Officially.. Saudi Arabia announces 4 approved vaccines for those coming to it


A person had inquired on the official account of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority about the Kingdom’s adoption of the Chinese vaccine.The authority’s response came that “the approved vaccines for those coming to the Kingdom are four: AstraZeneca – Pfizer – Johnson & Johnson – Moderna.”

She added, “As for the vaccines provided by the Ministry of Health inside the Kingdom, they are the vaccines that are approved by the Food and Drug Authority, and so far they are two vaccines, Pfizer and AstraZeneca,” according to the Russian “Sputnik” agency.

And the Saudi Ministry of Health had announced, earlier, that 40% of the population of the Kingdom had received at least one dose of vaccines against the emerging coronavirus, since the start of the vaccination campaign.

The Ministry of Health demanded the initiative to register in the “My Health” application to obtain the vaccine.

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