Officially .. Zizou renews to Zamalek .. Photos


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The temporary committee in charge of running the business of Zamalek club, headed by Hussein Labib, succeeded in renewing with Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the first football team player in the club, and closing his departure file permanently after the player gathered his session with club officials today.

The player held a session during the past hours with Hussein Labib, head of the temporary committee that runs the club, during which the renewal was officially renewed and the player signed his new contract that extends with Al-Abyad until 2025, especially since the player’s contract was to expire at the end of the next season and he was entitled to sign next January.

For his part, Hussein Labib, head of the committee, announces the details of the renewal with Zizou within the next few hours, after the agreement is concluded.

Zizou renews his contract with Zamalek


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