Ola Ghanem in the strangest statement after her return: I returned to my country after 4 years to straighten my hair


Today, Monday, the artist Ola Ghanem appeared for the first time after an absence of 4 years from the art scene, as she traveled to America to stay with her family there after presenting her last work, the movie The Hotel in 2017, where Ola appeared while she was styling her hair, and said: “My grocery is 4 years away from my country and I came back.” To straighten my hair.

Ola Ghanem participated in the movie “The Hotel” with Mohamed Nagati, Marwa and Ahmed Badir, directed by Atef Shoukry, and the series “Taste of Life” with Samo Zain, Sandy and Hasna Seif El-Din and directed by Abdel Aziz Hashad, in addition to the series “Shadow of the President” with Yasser Jalal, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni and Hana Shiha. Directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

Ola Gann
Ola Ghanem

Since 2017, the artist Ola Ghanem has not appeared in any artistic work, and her appearance has been limited only to family occasions and every period she appears with her two daughters in America, and all fans of the artist Ola Ghanem wondered whether she retired from art permanently and moved away from the lights and fame, and lives with her two daughters in America, or is she This step has not yet been taken.

In 2016, Ola Ghanem participated in 6 artistic works, namely the series “The Seven Girls” with Iman Al-Asi, Faryal Youssef, Reem Al-Baroudi, Tara Emad, Muhammad Nagati, directed by Muhammad Al-Naqly, and “The Kingdom of Youssef Al-Maghrabi” with Mustafa Fahmy, Munther Rayhana, Anushka, directed by Adel Al-Aasar, and the third part From “Selsal Al-Dam” with Abla Kamel, Riad Al-Khouli, Ahmed Saeed Abdel Ghani, directed by Mustafa Al-Shall, the series “Abu Al Banat” with Mustafa Shaaban, directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz, and the series “Al-Kharj” with Dhafer El Abidine and Sherif Salama, in addition to the movie “Spine” with Wael Alaa Bayoumi Fouad and Enas Al-Najjar, directed by Abram Nashaat.

Ola Ghanem
Ola Ghanem


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