Omar Kamal responds to a rumor of his association with Sumaya al-Khashab


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Omar Kamal revealed the scenes of his clip with the artist Sumaya al-Khashab, saying: “I was on an occasion with Sumaya, and I know that she loves to sing, and I offered her to make a clip because she has been absent for a while.”

Kamal added, in televised statements, that “the cooperation with Sumaya al-Khashab was a coincidence, and we worked for 4 months in the clip, and the project stopped because of Ramadan, and her travels abroad, and we decided to put Efihat from the Musa series in the clip.”

He continued, “Sumaya al-Khashab is one of the sweet sixes, and as beautiful as Egyptian women,” stressing that “my relationship with Sumaya is only a job.”

When asked about his association with Sumaya al-Khashab, he added with a laugh: “I wish I could marry her.”


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