On the anniversary of his death, why did Najib Al-Rihani cry in “Ghazl Al Banat”?


08:49 PM

Tuesday 08 June 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Today marks the seventy-second anniversary of the death of the great comedian, Najib Al-Rihani, who passed away on June 8, 1949.

Najib Al-Rihani is considered one of the most famous theater actors in the twentieth century. He started his life as an employee in an agricultural bank and then moved between several jobs before befriending (Badi’ Khairy), who wrote plays for him and became his partner in his artistic life.

Among the most famous works of the artist Najib Al-Rihani: “His Excellency Kishsh Bey, with his safety I want to get married, Si Omar, Abu Helmous, Game of the Six, Salama in Khair, Sapphire, Juha, Ghazal Al Banat.

The movie “Ghazl El Banat” is considered one of the most prominent films of the late artist, and despite its implementation in the 1940s, it still carries the same luster and is watched by the audience until now.

The film witnessed Najib Al-Rihani crying in one of the movie clips, and although the crying scenes are usually done by using some medical preparations to help the tears fall, Al-Rihani cried realistically during the filming of the scene.

And musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab revealed in a rare television interview, that the matter began when Al-Rihani prepared to film the scene of the parting of Laila Murad after his heart was attached to her, and the director of the film, Anwar Wagdy, asked Al-Rihani to use “glycerin”, but the late artist refused and asked to stay alone in one of the rooms for minutes. few.

Rihani came out drowning in his tears, and when Anwar Wagdy asked him how he did it, he told him that he remembered his brother, who left their house one day and did not return.

It is noteworthy that Najib Al-Rihani left our world due to his infection with typhoid, in 1949, before completing his last scenes from the movie “Ghazl Al Banat” in front of singer Laila Murad and artist Anwar Wagdy, which made Anwar the director of the film forced to change the ending.


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