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Today marks the birthday of the late writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, who left a literary legacy that filmmakers dream of turning into a work of art.

Despite the transformation of some of The Godfather’s works into television works, such as the series “Paranormal” presented by director Amr Salama in a series of the same name produced by the Netflix platform, and the transformation of the short story “Your Luck Today” into the series “Zodiac” by director Mahmoud Kamel, Ela The journey of “The Godfather” is full of literary works that can be shown on the cinema and television screens.

What is the most important novel or short story collection by Ahmed Khaled Tawfik that directors dream of turning into a film or television work? We asked the question to two film directors, and each nominated the work he dreams of turning into a movie by Ahmed Khaled Tawfik.

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After presenting “Zodiac” .. Mahmoud Kamel dreams of turning “In the Mouse Corridor” into a movie

The series “Zodiac” won the admiration of the audience, and the director of the work, Mahmoud Kamel, received praises from fans of horror stories, which made him dream of converting a number of other Ahmed Khaled Tawfik novels into works of art. Among the novels that Kamel dreamed of turning into a work of art was the novel “In the Mice Corridor”, which was written in 2016. However, his desire to turn it into a movie and not a television series impeded the realization of that dream, so he did not find a producer who would venture to present it to a movie despite the success of the Zodiac series.

Mahmoud Kamel told FilFan that platforms are offering this type of series, unlike cinema producers, especially in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which negatively affected movie revenues.

Kamel continued, saying: I own the initial treatment of the novel, but I did not convert it into a complete scenario. Not only is this novel that I dream of turning into a work of art, but I have another project to transform the novel “Utopia” into a work of art, whether a series or a movie.

Amir Ramses: “Utopia” is most appropriate as a cinematic work

We asked myself the question to director Amir Ramses, who believes that the novel “Utopia” is more appropriate to convert into a cinematic work, especially since it was written with a cinematic vision that makes it closer to treating it as a movie.

Ramses added that despite his great love for Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, he did not feel an urgent desire to turn any of his novels into a movie because of the readers imagination. Every reader has an imagination of the appearance of heroes such as Refaat Ismail, Abeer, Ezzat, Maggie, Lucifer and their world, Also, the richer aspect of the “Supernatural” series, for example, was the aspect related to the stars, and the introduction of this angle would face censorship problems.

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