On the birthday of “Al-Haram”, Najah El-Mouji… This artist gave him a chance to act


Today, Friday, is the birthday of comedian Najah El-Mougy, and despite his death, his ivies are still circulated through social media and comics, which are addressed by everyone, especially the character of the pyramid in the movie “Kit Kat.” El-Mougy was born on June 11, 1945 in the village of Mit Karma, Talkha Center, Dakahlia Governorate. waveform.

Najah Al-Mouji had 14 brothers who moved to live in Cairo and lost 11 of those brothers in his life. Director Mohamed Salem and artist George Sidhom gave him the opportunity to act, when they assigned him an important role in the play “Hard Labor Hotel” in 1969, after he graduated from the Higher Institute For social service, as he began his artistic career with a trio of stage lights in the late sixties.

After his success in “The Married People”, he kept refusing secondary roles until he sat without work for four years, after which he had to work on a television evening in 1984 for four pounds, then refused to receive the amount after the role ended because he felt humiliated.

Al-Mouji’s success was also distinguished in reciting monologues, the most famous of which was “Be Favored without Expelled” and was part of the movie Days of Wrath, in which Najah won the International Jury Prize from the Damascus Film Festival.

Al-Mouji participated in nearly 150 artworks during his artistic journey, the most famous of which are: “Four on an official mission, Al-Hareef, Tata’a, Rika and Kazem Bey, Al-Tahweh, the sea laughs at him, Kit Kat, days of anger, money, welcome residents, the secret of the earth, the gate of Al-Halwani, I have no guilt, oh Moneim, Dalaa Al-Hawanam, the heirs, the king of Shahatin.


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