On the third Friday of his death… Amy Samir Ghanem visits her father’s grave | news


Actress Amy Samir Ghanem was keen to visit the grave of her father, the late artist Samir Ghanem, for the third consecutive Friday.

Amy Samir Ghanem published a video in front of her father’s grave via the “Story” feature of her account on the social networking site Instgram, and wrote: “May God have mercy on you and forgive you, Lord.”

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Amy used to visit her father’s grave every Friday, since his death, and pray for him for mercy and forgiveness.

It is noteworthy that the able artist Samir Ghanem left our world after being infected with the emerging corona virus and the deterioration of kidney function.

In a related context, the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, is still in the hospital suffering from complications from the emerging Corona virus, and she is still not aware of the news of the death of her late husband, Samir Ghanem.

It is worth noting that Dalal Abdel Aziz had contracted the virus while filming the series “Parallel World” with Donia Samir Ghanem, and Abdel Aziz also participated in the last Ramadan season in the series “Maluk Al-Jadaana” with Mustafa Shaaban and Amr Saad.

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