Ordinary Nursing Coordination after middle school 2021… Terms and grades


after an announcement Prep Certificate Result 2021In various schools in all governorates, students began searching for Total normal nursing after middle school 2021 girlsيةAnd that is, as girls prefer to enroll in nursing schools, whether ordinary or military, instead of high school. Nursing schools are one of the distinctive high school alternatives for girls, because it guarantees them getting a job after completing their studies in nursing schools.

Ordinary Nursing after middle school 2021 for girls

To enroll in regular nursing, girls must have a total Ordinary Nursing after middle school 2021 for girls, by about 250 degrees out of 280, where normal nursing coordination begins after preparatory 2021, in schools in different governorates, from 220 to 270 degrees according to different schools and governorates, and schools take the highest and lowest total, and students are arranged according to the total and age, to avoid the density of nursing classes.

Conditions for admission to regular nursing after middle school 2021 for girls
The Ministries of Education and Health also set a number of conditions for the admission of regular nursing students after preparatory 2021 for girls to schools, including that the applicant be Egyptian, and her age should not be more than 18 years on the first of October and not less than 15 years, and the student should not be married.

Ordinary Nursing Coordination after middle school 2021 for girls

Formatting is declared within a group Ordinary Nursing after middle school 2021 for girls, in all governorates after the completion of announcing the results of the preparatory certificate, as coordination varies from place to place, and it is expected that the coordination of nursing in Giza Governorate will be a minimum of 210 degrees, while in Beni Suef it is about 250 degrees, in Qalyubia about 245 degrees, and Luxor is 240 degrees. It is also expected that the total number of nursing degrees in Alexandria schools will be 245 degrees, in Sohag 250 degrees, in Menoufia 260 degrees, and in Minya about 265 degrees.

It is also expected that the total in Dakahlia will be 260 degrees, New Valley schools 260 degrees, Kafr El-Sheikh nursing 265 degrees, Damietta 269 degrees, and the western and eastern 270 degrees, unless the normal nursing total after preparatory 2021 for girls, in the governorates, is dropped.

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