Originating in Africa, a new deadly virus appears in Britain that spreads by touch and coughing (video)


Two cases of the deadly monkeypox virus have been confirmed in the UK, as revealed today.

This was announced by the British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, noting that they are now trying to deal with the fears of an “outbreak” of that rare virus, along with Corona Virus.

The Minister of Health described the situation as “standard”. He insisted that the state deals with “these types of viruses all the time”. But he did not give details about the number of infected patients. Or whether the virus is spreading in Britain alongside coronavirus.

Public Health Wales later confirmed that “two cases of imported monkeypox” had been detected. Both patients came from the same home in North Wales. But no details of age or gender were given. Only one is still being treated in the hospital.

Health officials also did not disclose which country the couple contracted the deadly virus in. But monkeypox is mainly found in Central and West Africa.

The patients were infected in early May and were already in quarantine due to coronavirus travel advisories.

The rare disease, which causes flu-like symptoms and blisters on the skin, is caused by a virus spread by monkeys, rats, squirrels and other small mammals. It can spread between humans through skin-to-skin contact, coughing, and sneezing. As well as contact with contaminated clothing or bedding.

However, human-to-human transmission is uncommon, and the virus does not spread as easily as the coronavirus.

The nature and effect of the virus

A World Health Organization report last year suggested that the normal range for the virus – the number of people who could become infected if they lived normally while sick – was two. This is less than the original variant of Corona in Wuhan and about a third of the rate of the Indian “delta” strain.

But the true rate is likely to be much lower because “characteristic symptoms are very helpful in their early detection and containment.” As the team said. This means that cases are easy to detect and isolate.

According to the World Health Organization, up to 10 percent of people who contract monkeypox die. Most deaths from the virus occur in younger age groups.

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