Osama Al-Ajarmeh: Controversy in Jordan after Parliament’s decision to dismiss the deputy


Jordanian Member of Parliament Osama Al-Ajarmeh was among the pioneers of social networking sites in the Kingdom, and the media circulated his name widely in the past few days after a parliamentary decision to dismiss him, which caused confrontations between the security and his supporters.

General picture of the Jordanian parliament

photo released, Getty Images

How did it start?

It began with a speech by MP Osama al-Ajarmeh in the Jordanian parliament, in which he accused the government of “deliberately cutting off electricity to prevent crowds of pro-Palestine tribes from entering the capital Amman during the recent confrontations between armed factions in Gaza and the Israeli army.”

The deputy’s speech developed into a verbal altercation between him and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, in which deputies saw abuse of power.

Representatives responded to what they described as Al-Ajarmas insults to Parliament with a regulation calling for its transformation into a disciplinary council, which ended up freezing its membership.

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