Palestinian Maan: This is Hamas’ vision for the national dialogue in Cairo


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Maan Agency revealed Hamas’ vision for the national dialogue in Cairo. According to the sources, Hamas’ vision was as follows:

The agency stated, quoting sources close to Hamas: “We call for the speedy holding of a comprehensive national dialogue in Cairo, at a scheduled level, in which President Abbas, the general secretaries of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian resistance factions will participate.”

The agency continued: “The dialogue is based on the arrangement of the Palestinian house, starting with the Palestine Liberation Organization, the unifying house of the entire Palestinian people wherever they are, so that a new Palestinian National Council is agreed upon nationally by consensus, and it will be a transitional council for two years. It sets the foundations and criteria for forming the council, and then proceeds to form it by consensus, then the new council completes the work to form the various PLO bodies, provided that all of this is completed within 3 months from its date.

She added: “The conferees form a temporary national leadership for the Palestinian people, which immediately begins to lead the Palestinian national situation in all its details, and this leadership alone is responsible for managing national affairs until the completion of the formation of the Palestinian National Council and the bodies emanating from it. Whether the factions of the Liberation Organization, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other resistance factions, a mini-committee will emerge from it with the aim of facilitating work and following up on the Palestinian issue.

She pointed out that “the Interim National Command forms a unified national field committee for popular resistance, which leads the clash with the occupation everywhere, against the Judaization of Jerusalem, settlements and settlers, annexation and siege to achieve the national goals of our people.”

The agency added: “The new National Council and the bodies emanating from it are responsible for agreeing on the form of the Palestinian political system, its tools, the strategy of the Palestinian national action, and the political program for the next phase, in a way that guarantees the achievement of the major national goals of our people represented in the return, liberation, and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

The agency explained that the vision affected the Arabs of 48: “We call on our Palestinian people everywhere to escalate national action in all its forms, and we especially mention our great people in the occupied territories in 1948.”

She concluded: “We call on our Arab and Islamic nation and the free peoples and governments to assign the Palestinian right.”

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