“Pelvic joint fracture” .. The son of Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra reveals the details of his health condition


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Ahmed Abu Zahra, son of the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, revealed the details of the development of his father’s health condition, explaining that he fell to the ground in the hospital while he was on his way to wash his ear, and continued: “He was tied up in the hospital while he was waiting for detection and a medical examination was signed on him, but the rumors did not appear Something at that time and the doctor told him a severe bruise, no more.”

Abu Zahra said, during a telephone interview on the “90 Minutes” program, presented by the media, Basma Wahba, on the “Al-Mehwar” channel, that his father continued to suffer after a period of severe pain for a week, and after conducting the necessary examinations for him, it was found that there was a crack in the pelvic joint at the top of the foot. And he continued, “A surgery was performed on him and it was done easily, and two screws were installed for him, and he is now at home and undergoing intensive physical therapy in order to regain his ability to walk.”

The son of the artist, Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra, stated that his father prefers privacy so much that he does not announce anything that happens to him, and he continued: “In the history of his entire life, he does not want anyone to know anything about his private life, Meberdash says a need, and 16 years ago he underwent major surgery. In Germany, no one knew anything about her.”

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