Phones seized with Al-Bashir in his prison .. containing dangerous information


A specialized committee in Sudan announced that 20 phones had been found in Kober Central Prison in Khartoum, with Former President Omar al-Bashir And a number of his system codes.

The special committee for dismantling and uprooting the isolated system indicated that the phones were found in the possession of it BashirHis former deputy, Ali Othman Muhammad Taha, and his assistant, Nafie Ali Nafie, in addition to Abd al-Rahim Muhammad Husayn, Ibrahim Ghandour, Abd al-Basit Hamza, Kamal Abd al-Latif and Othman Muhammad Yusuf Kabir.

She also confirmed in a press conference held yesterday evening, Thursday, that these phones were used to make internal and external communications with the organization’s cadres that fled outside the country after the fall of the regime.

dangerous information معلومات

In addition, committee member Wajdi Saleh explained that the seized phones “contain dangerous information related to a plan to abort the Sudanese revolution.” He said that the security services obtained important information from those phones, and indicated that the leaders of the regime inside the prison were communicating with a number of fugitive secret cadres, and groups inside, some of whom claim to be supporters of the transitional authority in the country.

Omar al-Bashir with a number of his companions during the trial (archive - AFP)

Omar al-Bashir with a number of his companions during the trial (archive – AFP)

He also revealed that the security authorities monitored meetings of elements of the isolated regime in Khartoum and a number of states to organize hostile actions on the anniversary of the current June 30.

The security also monitored rumor-spreading centers in 3 countries, run by groups from inside the country, aiming to promote against the transitional government and the forces of the revolution.

Saleh appealed to citizens to report any suspicious activities of the regime’s remnants in the neighborhoods, pointing to the establishment of a special prosecution committee for information crimes to follow up on rumors broadcast on websites and social networking sites affiliated with the Islamic movement’s affiliates.

Omar al-Bashir (archive - AFP)

Omar al-Bashir (archive – AFP)

Black market operations

For his part, the spokesman for the committee, Salah Manna, revealed the arrest of bank managers and employees of the (disbanded) National Congress Party, dealing in currency trade on the black market.

He added that the committee seized 500 bank accounts, which are used to finance dollar purchases in the parallel market.

It also seized 64 trillion Sudanese pounds in the accounts of individuals and companies being traded on the black market for foreign currencies to sabotage the national economy.

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