Pictures| Finishing the funeral prayer on the body of the brother of actress Sherine


01:24 PM

Saturday 05 June 2021

Books – Hani Saber:
Photography – Omar Hisham:
The funeral prayer for the body of the artist’s brother, Sherine, ended at the Sayeda Nafisa Mosque, and he was transferred to a car honoring the dead, to be taken to his final resting place and his body was buried in the family graves in Aisha.

The funeral ceremony of Sherine’s brother’s body was attended by a number of friends and relatives who were keen to bid farewell to the late to his final resting place.

Sherine’s brother left our world in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Theatrical director Abdel Moneim Mohamed announced the news of the death through his Facebook account: “Go to God’s mercy, dear brother Alaa, brother of dear artist Sherine.”

He added: “The funeral will be held after the noon prayer from the Sayeda Nafisa Mosque, and the funeral will be held at the graves.

Sherine participated in the drama last Ramadan 2021 in the series “Cairo Kabul” starring Tariq Lotfi, Khaled Al-Sawy, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Hanan Mutawa, Nabil Al-Halafawi, Sherine, Rushdi Al-Shami, Nour Mahmoud, Karim Sorour, Hosni Sheta and Khaled Kamal, written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, and directed by Hussam Ali.

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