Pictures .. The Olympic team is ready to face South Africa


continue Olympic team Today, he is training at the Suez Stadium in preparation for the first meeting with South Africa, which is scheduled for eight in the evening, Thursday, as part of the preparation program for the Tokyo Olympics, which begins next July.

The competition between the players continued during the exercises to prove themselves. The training was divided into three paragraphs, the first for physical preparation and the second for tactical sentences, then divided in the middle of the field between three teams of players, and the end of the training witnessed the payment of penalty kicks.

On the other hand, the captain Shawky Gharib The coach of the Olympic team said that he seeks to benefit from the experience of South Africa in reassuring the level reached by the players a week after the start of the rally.

He stressed that he will give the opportunity to the largest number of players during the two South African matches, and Gharib indicated that the technical staff follows the friendly matches played by our rival teams in Tokyo.


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