Pope Shenoudas phone warning to Hala Sedky about her first marriage..Details


The actress suffered Hala Sedky Over the course of her life, she did not enjoy comfort and happiness in her married life, despite being a Christian by religion, but she married twice, and each time, she was exposed to crises, which made her live for many years in the courtyards, and the details of her life were more common on the tongues of the masses than talking about her artwork.

Hala Sedky in the courtyards

The first marriage of Hala Sidqi was at the end of the nineties of the last century, when she married Majdi William, a well-known businessman, and that marriage did not last long, and they entered the court, and because of her, she changed her Christian faith from the Orthodox faith to the Syriac one.

As for the second marriage, it was in 2007, when she married the lawyer Sameh Sami, from whom she gave birth to her two children, Maryam and Youssef, and that marriage that continues in its crisis until now, to the extent that her husband asked her in the house of obedience, and also questioned the lineage of his children from her, and that is what the artist met Hala Sedky not to respond to him to preserve her children.

Pope Shenoudas speech to Hala Sedky

The artist, Hala Sedky, revealed, about an old interview with the late journalist Helmy Salem on September 5, 2000, that the Patriarch of the See of St. Mark and the Pope of Alexandria, Pope Shenouda, warned her against completing her first marriage to Magdy William. On him and I told him I love him, he will stay well and I love him, why would he hurt me if I didn’t wear him? His response was good, I just said, and I have an answer from the Pope that he advised me not to consummate this marriage.

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