Pope Tawadros: Deir al-Sultan is an Egyptian land in Jerusalem


12:00 pm

Monday 07 June 2021

Books – Mina Ghaly:

The cover of the new issue of Al-Karaza magazine, issued this week, bears a picture of the funeral prayer of His Eminence Bishop Silvans, Bishop and Head of the Monastery of Saint Anba Pachomius Al-Shayeb in Luxor, who died on Tuesday, May 25, due to infection with the new Corona virus.

The inaugural issue was written by His Holiness Pope Tawadros II under the title “Monastery of the Sultan”, where His Holiness began his article by presenting the history of the Egyptian Coptic relationship with Jerusalem, which began in the fourth century AD, since they attended the inauguration of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, noting that they have a place in the church there like other ancient Christian sects in Jerusalem. City of Jerusalem.

Then His Holiness addressed the value and stature of the great city of Jerusalem for Christians and Muslims alike, stressing that the issue of Jerusalem and the issue of Palestine were and still are present in the conscience of the Coptic Orthodox Church, through the efforts made and made by the fathers, patriarchs of the Coptic Church, its metropolitans and bishops, as well as the Copts of Egypt and Jerusalem each in His specialization in international forums.

His Holiness announced the position of our Coptic Church on this issue, which is the call for the establishment of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace, in a way that guarantees the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and all the peoples of the region for peaceful coexistence.

His Holiness explained in some detail in the second part of the article the history and importance of Deir al-Sultan, stressing that this monastery is an Egyptian land within the city of Jerusalem, and the Egyptian state has great efforts in this file, as the monastery remained in the possession of the Copts, who owned it until the seventeenth century AD when they hosted the monks The Ethiopians after they abandoned their property there because of their inability to pay taxes to the Ottoman occupation authorities.

His Holiness added that the Ethiopians continued to live in Deir al-Sultan, hosted by the Copts until 1820, and since that date until now, the problem is undergoing political and international changes.

The Pope concluded the article with these words: We believe that through prayer, dialogue, application of reason and wisdom, with peace of mind in continuous diplomatic efforts, the problem will be resolved and the truth will return to its owners.

As for articles, HG Anba Sada continued his study in the Book of Genesis and his article came under the title “The Second Day: For Creation – The Creation of the Skin (Genesis 1:9-13)”.

“Ignatius Theophores” Under this title, HG Bishop Matus reviewed the biography and career of this martyred bishop.

On the other hand, His Eminence Bishop Martiros contemplated the icon of “the nursing virgin” in his article of the same name.

While His Eminence Bishop Makar continued his talk about the Gospel of John, the Gospel of King “3” in his article titled “John the Baptist and the Qumran Community”.

This is in addition to many important and purposeful articles and topics for a constellation of priests and specialized servants.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Karaza magazine is a bi-monthly magazine published by the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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