Premier League imposes strict penalties on Super League participants


The English Premier League has settled on the latest features of the sanctions imposed on clubs participating in the proposed European Super League.

The proposal was attended by (Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal from England, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid from Spain, Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus from Italy).

After great pressure from the fans and current and former players, in addition to the withdrawal of the English clubs, it was announced that the tournament was frozen, followed by the announcement of the clubs of Atletico Madrid, Milan and Inter Milan of Italy that they withdrew from the project.

And according to what “Sky Sports” reported today, Wednesday, the English Premier League decided to penalize the six clubs that had previously announced their participation in the tournament financially, with a value of 20 million pounds (or 3.5 million pounds per club), provided that the official announcement is made evening.

Sources close to the network said that another settlement has been drawn up that requires clubs to be fined if they join a similar project in the future with a financial value of more than 20 million pounds, in addition to a 30-point deduction.

The money will go to support community projects and grassroots football – not to any other Premier League clubs, Sky said.

That settlement falls far short of what the Premier League had previously proposed, which would have required each club to pay £15m and direct points deductions.


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