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Tuesday 08 June 2021

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:
The outlets for booking and selling the units of the new Nour City, which is located in front of the Administrative Capital, the latest projects of Talaat Moustafa Group, witnessed a massive turnout during the first day of starting the reservation of the project.

The Talaat Moustafa Group launched the Nour project in the capital’s gardens, last Sunday, which is located on an area of ​​5,000 acres and is developed in partnership between the group and the Urban Communities Authority.

Masrawy publishes the prices of residential units and villas in the project, which came as follows:

The areas of the apartments in Noor City range from 61 to 230 meters, and the building is a ground floor and 7 floors, and the delivery of the first phase of the project will begin after 5 years, and the project will be fully finished for residential apartments.

Apartment prices:
The 61-meter apartment recorded about one million and 883 thousand pounds, where a reservation payment of 52,350 pounds is paid, and a contract payment after 3 months of booking, with a value of 52 thousand pounds, with a monthly installment of up to 15 years, with a value of 5,275 pounds, and 15 annual payments are paid every year. At a value of 52,350 pounds.

As for the 84-meter apartment, it recorded 2,387 thousand pounds, whereby a reservation payment of 66,350 pounds is paid, and a contract payment after 3 months of reservation, 66,350 pounds, and the monthly installment for 15 years is 6685 pounds.

In addition, 15 annual payments are to be paid each year, amounting to 66 thousand and 350 pounds.

The price of the 120-square-meter apartment reached about 2,996 thousand, and a reservation payment of 83,300 pounds, and a contract payment after 3 months of reservation: 83,300 pounds.

As for the monthly installment for 15 years, it is 8,390 pounds, in addition to 15 annual payments to be paid each year, a payment of 83,300 pounds.

Villa prices:
Villas spaces start from 195 meters as a quarter villa up to 370 meters as stand alone villas, and twin houses prices start from 2.5 million pounds, while the price of a stand-alone villa starts from 6 million pounds with the same installment system for apartments over 15 years.

Nour City includes a social sports club on an area of ​​90 acres. The club subscription price is 80,000 pounds for a family consisting of a husband and wife only, 120,000 for a family consisting of 3 members and 160,000 pounds for a family consisting of 4 members, and it increases 40 thousand pounds for each person in excess Membership.

Hisham Talaat Moustafa, CEO and Managing Director of Talaat Moustafa Holding Group, said in televised statements on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Nour project, that the citizen can own a unit in the Nour City project in the capital’s Gardens City, with a down payment of less than 38,000 pounds and a monthly installment of less than 3,800 pounds, for units starting From 68 meters and above in the project, based on strong market studies carried out by the company.

He pointed out that the selling prices in Noor City will be lower than the prices sold in the Madinaty project, and payment systems are available to achieve this goal.

He added that the Noor City project implemented in the Gardens of the Capital aims to provide a real estate product with the longest repayment period granted in the Egyptian market for a period of up to 15 years, noting that the prices of residential units in Noor will be lower than Madinaty.

He explained that the success of any city requires the provision of housing units for all segments of society, and reservations will be opened during the current week, and there is a mechanism for offering the first 35 days of the project’s launch. The citizen who books the first week will receive a 5% discount from the value of the unit.

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