“Progress MS-17” vehicle prepares to transport Russian food supplies to the International Terminal


The Russian spacecraft “Progress MS-17” will transport Russian food to the International Space Station, and the Director of the Nutrition Department of the International Space Station Crew at the Institute of Medical and Biological Issues of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Agoreyev, said that there are 38 types of food intended for the astronaut. Japanese space Akihiko Hoshide and 51 species by fellow American Mark Vande Hai.

The shipment includes meat and some traditional Russian foods such as borsch soup and others. At the request of the Russian cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Peter Dubrov, mustard paste and sweet pepper tomato sauce will be delivered.

The vehicle will also transport vegetables, fruits, sweets, juice and other foods to the international station crew.

The vehicle is scheduled to depart on the night of June 30. The crew of the International Space Station currently includes 7 people, the two Russian cosmonauts, 3 NASA astronauts, a European astronaut and a Japanese astronaut.


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