Psychiatry professor: Dalal Abdel Aziz must be informed of the death of Samir Ghanem, otherwise you will feel betrayed


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Dr. Manal Omar, Professor of Psychiatry at Ain Shams University, stressed the importance of informing the sick person of the death of a relative at the same moment, even if he was in a state of fatigue or illness, citing the case of the late Samir Ghanem, saying: “We must tell Dalal Abdulaziz that her husband died,” explaining that the second surprise Leaving someone a while ago increases fatigue, and makes the person feel betrayed by the situation.

Omar added, during her interview on the “Cairo Talk” program, with the journalist Khairy Ramadan, and the journalist Karima Awad, on the “Cairo and the People” screen, that the constant remembrance of the death of a close person protects us from denial and depression, as it is necessary to confirm the departure of the person close to you until She does not suffer after a while, explaining that the culture of death is joyful for the Egyptians and they turn the memory into a celebration, pointing out that 50% of the depressed after the departure of Al-Aziz have the thought of not remembering the departure.

Manal Omar explained that the time of mourning and burial combines the expression of societal sadness, and that society must support people in a state of tragedy, and that the tragedy of the son due to the death of his father for more than two years turns it into a stage of depression.


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