Pyramids responds to the reality of the relationship with Al-Ahly and the exchange of players


Hani Saeed, the sporting director of Pyramids Club, confirmed that his team’s relationship with Al-Ahly Club is not negative, indicating that reciprocal deals can be made between the two teams.

Hani Saeed said in statements to the “Al Allaib” program on the “MBC Egypt” channel: “The relationship between Pyramids and Al-Ahly has no negatives, and we naturally talk with officials in Al-Ahly, and these negatives were created by people, but actually there is no such talk, and we talk with them about The transfer of players and this talk is not only now, but since January and the beginning of the season and the age of this talk has not been cut off.”

On the exchange of players with Al-Ahly: “In the end, this is football, and we see our needs and Al-Ahly as well, and if we see that there is something useful for both of us, then why not? .. The issue is much simpler than this.”

He continued: “Ibrahim Adel is complementary with us and has a contract for the next 4 or 5 years.”

And he continued, “Until this moment, there are no negotiations from the Zamalek club, because we are in an important stage of the season, and the time is not appropriate to talk about any deals.”

Hani Saeed concluded his statements: “The Raja match means to us that we will reach the final regardless of the loss back and forth, and it is a very important match, and from a second point it was not normal for me to lose the two matches, and I am waiting for this match to respond on the field.”


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