Rania Youssef with the president of “Barcelona”: the most beautiful club president in the world (photos) | news


Actress Rania Youssef is keen to share with her followers the details of her travels during the summer holidays.

Rania Youssef published photos from her trip to Barcelona, ​​Spain, in which she appeared with Joan Laporta, President of Barcelona Club, in front of a restaurant.

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Commenting on her photo, Rania Youssef wrote: “Good morning from Barcelona, ​​I am with the most beautiful club president in the world, Juan Laporta.”

It is noteworthy that Rania Youssef participated during the month of Ramadan in the series “The Kings of Al-Jada’ana”, which was written by Amin Gamal and Abeer Suleiman, directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa, and starring Mustafa Shaaban, Amr Saad, Yasmine Rais, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Amr Abdel Jalil, Ahmed Safwat, Farah. Youssef, Walid Fawaz, Ayman Al-Shewi, Alaa Quqa, Firas Saeed and Basma Daoud.

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