Real Madrid and loan .. 10 deals that will not cost the club one euro!


Loan jewels..

Talking about loanees at Real Madrid takes many different ways, as the club’s policy has become about young people, those who certainly do not come ready and need stages of preparation before relying on them.

In the past years, Zidane was distinguished by rotation and not relying on one formation. The man has always been the experience on the one hand and looking for not to stress his players on the other hand, to complete the season with him and find them in the decisive moments.

Zidane was the first to apply the rotation system with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, which was difficult to accept and waste a lot of matches that would give him more goals and more ability to compete on individual numbers.

Today Zidane left, Carlo Ancelotti came, and the talk is now about the names that did not get a chance with Zizou, and what is the fate of the loanees in the next stage? Let’s take a quick look.


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