Real Madrid news: Ancelotti sets his first goals with Real Madrid


Carlo Ancelotti – Real Madrid – La Liga

Sport 360 – Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti named the new coach To Real Madrid, His first goal with the Royal Club, after Meringue contracted with him this summer to fill the gap of the departure of French Zinedine Zidane from the team.

Carlito set a goal for himself in his first season in the second era with riyal, It is related to the necessity of winning the Spanish League title, after he failed to win it in the first era.

Ancelotti aims to win the Spanish League and make history

Ancelotti wants to go down in history by winning La Liga with Real, as La Liga remains the only league he has not won in the major European leagues so far.

The former Everton manager accepted the challenge and came back To Real Madrid To complete his unfinished work in the first era, to stand on the podium as a Liga champion for the first time in his coaching career, as reported by the Spanish network, Defensa Central.

Carlito won the Italian League title with Milan, the English Premier League title with Chelsea, the French League with Paris, and managed to win the German League title with Bayern Munich.

And if the Real Madrid coach succeeds in doing so, he will become the first and only coach in the history of football to win the league title in all of the five major European leagues.

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