Reda Shehata: We have not decided the fate of Sergey Aka, and I hope that Walter Bwalya will return to El Gouna


Reda Shehata, technical director of El-Gouna team, revealed his desire to restore Walter Bwalya, the Al-Ahly club striker, if he left the Red Castle accounts, explaining the position of El-Gouna midfielder Sergey Aka after he entered the interests of Al-Ahly and Zamalek.

Shehata said, in statements to the “Be On Time” program, that until now, things are not clear about Sergi Aka and Omar Al-Saeed, and I needed Omar from the beginning of the season, but we were late in contracting him and I hope that he is with me, and Walter Bwalya is a good player, and in the event he is not in Al-Ahly, I hope he will return A very professional player.

Meddeb El-Gouna added, “We are currently only thinking of securing the team’s position on the table, and then we can talk about offers, especially for foreign players.”

Shehata continued, “I try as much as possible to create an entity and form for the team, some take a statement that performance is more important than the result, but I mean that the ball is a gain and a loss, and in the event of a loss, I hope that the performance will be good, so that the fans respect you even with the loss, I do not have a performance analyst. But I do the task myself and handle errors myself with the technical staff.

On the reason for the decline in El-Gouna’s level after the strong start in the league, Reda Shehata said, “We did not include many players this season, we tried to save expenses and we were injured by 3 players at the same time in the back line, and this affected us greatly and led to a decline in results despite our strong start in the league, After that, Walter Bwalya left and we had two players injured in the cruciate ligament, all the humiliation affected us.

Shehata added, “At the beginning of the Zamalek match, a kind of “Tansha” appeared on the part of the players, this may be due to the presence of loanees from Al-Ahly, but I respect Zamalek very much. It is a large entity and we must respect the entities in any circumstances.


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