Reham Abdel Ghafour to Mona Zaki: Sharpen and clean the human beings… All we grow up to know their value


The star, Reham Abdel Ghafour, sent a message to her friend, the star, Mona Zaki, through her account on the “Instagram” website, and published a picture of her embracing her with her, accompanied by a comment: “My love … is sweeter, more beautiful, and purer. The photo received a great reaction as soon as it was published on her account, with many comments and likes.

Reham Abdel Ghafour
Reham Abdel Ghafour

Reham and Mona Zaki
Reham and Mona Zaki

On the other hand, the star Mona Zaki said during, that she had never read about oral divorce except through her series “Newton’s Game”, which was shown last Ramadan, and she was getting her information during filming from the author and director Tamer Mohsen, and she joked that she is against marriage in the absolute.

Mona Zaki explained in televised statements that here in the series she was forced to accept the idea of ​​marriage without a divorce document from Hazem, or a marriage contract with Moanis, because of her circumstances and her feeling of brokenness at that time..

The series “Newton’s Game” starring: Mona Zaki, Muhammad Farraj, Muhammad Mamdouh, Sayed Ragab, Aisha bin Ahmed, Mayan Al-Sayed, Osama Al-Hadi, and for the first time in the Egyptian drama, the Egyptian-American actor Adam Al-Sharqawi, script and supervision by writing Maha Al-Wazir, and it includes Scenario and Dialogue Workshop Writers: Maha Al-Wazir, Samar Abdel Nasser, Mohamed Al-Shukhibi and Ammar Sabry, produced by Media Hub (Saadi – Gohar), written and directed by Tamer Mohsen.


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