Rejected category.. The government agrees to accept all requests for violations


03:12 PM

Wednesday 02 June 2021

Books – Muhammad Sami:

The Cabinet agreed to accept the requests made by citizens to reconcile building violations in the countryside, and to take into account the amount of the violation according to what the citizen submitted, in order to facilitate the citizens of the Egyptian countryside, and until the completion of the delivery of facilities to them, within the framework of the presidential initiative “Dignified Life” to develop Egyptian countryside.

This approval does not apply to those who built on state property lands, provided that the applicant for reconciliation signs a declaration stating that if it is proven that he submitted documents different from the construction he carried out in violation on the ground, according to the inspections, the concerned government agencies are entitled to within a period of 3 years Taking legal measures against him, knowing that the applicant for reconciliation will be delivered Form (10) after paying the full installments due for reconciliation in building violations.

It was noted that this decision will contribute to solving the problem of more than 1.5 million families of applicants for reconciliation, which represents 61% of applicants for reconciliation in general.

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