Reports: Galatasaray did not submit an offer to buy Mustafa Muhammad


Turkish press reports revealed that the Turkish club Galatasaray has not yet submitted an offer to buy its Egyptian international striker, Mustafa Mohamed, despite the end of the football season in Turkey..

The Turkish newspaper, “fotomac”, titled, “An official statement from its manager!” Galata Saray did not submit an offer to buy Mustafa Muhammad, and said that the Galata Saray team, which is continuing its preparations for the new season without slowing down, came an official statement from its manager to the Egyptian striker Mustafa Muhammad, and Ahmed explained Yahya, the player’s manager, that Galatasaray has not yet contacted Zamalek to activate the acquisition clause.


And the Turkish newspaper continued, a false statement came from Mustafa Muhammad, who owns Galata Saray, the option to buy it 4 million dollars, from Ahmed Yahya, the agent of the Egyptian player, confirmed that Galata Saray has not yet contacted Zamalek to activate the penalty clause..

Yahya, director of Mustafa Mohamed, said, “Galatasaray has not yet met with Zamalek, and the purchase option has not been activated yet.”“.

Ahmed Yahya added in his statements to the Turkish newspaper: “Galatasaray has more time to use this option and there is no need to rush into it. There is an election process in the club now, even the coach is not clear. I do not think that the current situation in the club will affect Mustafa Mohamed’s process.”.

Speaking about Mustafa Muhammad’s future, Ahmed Yahya said, “It is natural to receive many offers for Mustafa Muhammad, adding that many European clubs follow Muhammad, but there is no official offer that reaches Galatasaray.”.

And Mustafa Mohamed’s agent concluded: “Everyone is waiting for the Olympics for the transition process, and the next step will be great for Mustafa Mohamed “.

On the other hand, Turkish press reports revealed that Galatasaray Club refused to participate in the international Egyptian Mostafa Mohamed Egypt national team player and Zamalek striker loaned to him, in، Tokyo Olympics 2020 with the pharaohs.

و .كد موقع CNN TURK The absence of Mustafa Mohamed, the Zamalek striker, loaned to Galatasaray, from participating in the Tokyo Olympics next July, due to the refusal of the technical staff of the Turkish team, given the presence of a number of important matches for Galatasaray in the preliminary round qualifying for the European Champions League.


Added a report published in CNN Turkey, Galatasaray has contacted the Egyptian Football Association, and Mustafa Mohamed from the Olympic team will not participate, and he will be able to play in the European Champions League qualifiers for Galatasaray.

Galata Saray includes Mustafa Mohamed on loan from Zamalek until June 2022, with a condition of purchase eligibility in his contract worth $ 4 million.


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